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If you're considering building a home in Margaret River, you've come to the perfect spot. Our skilled builders are eager to help you design a distinctive, tailor-made home. For us, construction is not just a job—it's a lifestyle. We firmly believe that the home-building experience should be a positive and enjoyable journey for all our clients.

Understanding that each family is different, we prioritize identifying your key needs and delivering optimal solutions to make your dream home a reality.


22 Dunsborough Reno

A renovation project incorporating a loft conversion to create a new master bedroom, ensuite and walk-in robe.

Melo Studios

A beautiful blend of natural materials these two holiday units are crafted with care and attention to every detail.

296 Dunsborough

This beautiful home provides crisp and clean function and finishes throughout.


The home was centered around the conservatory for a grand piano to be enjoyed with views through to the rear of the property.

569 Dunsborough

A lovely storey coastal weatherboard home that is functional and tasteful in every way

"We integrate your ideas and everyday needs to create a home that speaks volumes about your most important life values."

Home Design Principles

We incorporate fundamental design principles, blending them with your personal ideals and daily requirements to craft a home that profoundly reflects your core values, ensuring it is both fully functional and visually harmonious.

Our collaborations with top local architects, engineers, and designers enable us to create homes that not only respect and enhance their surroundings but also adhere strictly to local building regulations.

We also provide a Budget Overview to give ideas on what you can expect to be included in your build.


Daniel Momsen

Daniel is an experienced carpenter and building inspector. He has a rich experience with supervising complex commercial projects, as well as high-end residential ones. Thanks to his implication in this type of projects, Daniel has an outstanding attention for detail and an eye for quality. His passion for building design is one of the key elements of his successful and beautiful projects.

The Process

Let’s have a chat! We discuss together with the Architect your design ideas, requirements, budgets, and time frames. We also provide a Budget Overview to give ideas on what you can expect to be included in your build. This is mainly for everyone to get to know each other and feel comfortable moving forward.

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