Our better end-to-end service comes at zero cost to you. Yes $0.

Here’s how we can provide our expert guidance throughout your first time building journey – at zero cost to you.

We work on your behalf

As your expert building broker, we work on your behalf, at all times, to help you select the builder that’s most suited to deliver the best outcome for you – based on your finance budget and your personal circumstances regarding preferred location, family size and other factors.

The selected builder pays us a set fee

When we help you select the most suitable builder, this builder does not pay a sales commission to their internal salesperson as they are not involved in the process. This enables the builder to pay our set fee which is the same or less than the commission they would pay to their internal salesperson.

You pay no more for your home

As our fee is paid from the sales commission normally paid to the internal salesperson, your home will cost the same or even less than you would pay directly – as we will negotiate the best price with the builder on your behalf at all times. And we are totally transparent on this.

Our fee is the same for all builders

To avoid any conflict of interest, we advise our panel of quality builders what our standard set fee is for a successful transaction – which is the same for all builders and the same fee applies irrespective of the total cost for the house. This means no builder can incentivize us to choose them over other builders for a higher fee.

Choose from a selection of better-quality builders

The advantages of working with Better Building Brokers, rather than going directly to one specific builder, are numerous.

For example, we know which builders will best suit your needs and can then negotiate with a shortlist of suitable builders to get the best deal for you – including, cost, build time and inclusions. Plus, we have insider knowledge on what’s happening within the industry – which means we become aware of any issues long before Joe Public finds out.

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